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4/6, ul. Svet shakhtyora, Kharkov, 61001, UKRAINE
Tel. (057) 733-36-37, 733-09-69
Fax (057) 731-50-66, 733-19-53
Telex:125176 БЕЛКА
Public Joint Stock Company "Kharkiv Machine Building Plant "SVET SHAKHTYORA"

     From 2000 to 2005 the passage realized from serial output of the same type conveyors and loaders to the output of products in consequence to given mining-technical conductions and individual concrete requirements of customers. The length of flight conveyors increased from 100-150 to 350-400 m, power – 110- 220 to 800 kW. The plant is the largest deliver of the equipment of face transport to coal shale and potassium mines, and other mining enterprises of the Near and Far abroard.
     Many breakage faces of coal mines of Ukraine are equipped with flight conveyors of the plant «Svet shakhtyora. These conveyors delivered million tons coal, oil shale potassium ores from faces of mines of Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Iran, Belarus. Each conveyors for highly productive faces is developed in close cooperation with specialists and leaders of mines- costumers in consequence with technical requirements of customers.

Вы можете получить подробную информацию о конвейерах, изготавливаемых АО "Свет шахтера", нажав на соответствующие ссылки:
1СК38М СП 326 СПЦ 163М
new series
СП 326-40 СПЦ 230
СП 250 СП 330 СПЦ 271М
СП 251 СР 72 СПЦ 334
СП 301M СР 72-20; -30 СПЦ 334П
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