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Public Joint Stock Company "Kharkiv Machine Building Plant "SVET SHAKHTYORA"
1891 г. The metalwork-mechanical workshop was founded by the owner N.F. Phon-Ditmar in Petinskaya street in Kharkov. It had an oil /kerosene/ 2HP/horse- power/. There were 15 men in the workshop.
1899 г. The new engine 4HP was established. There was a smithy in the yard. It had 2 forges. The goods hammered by hand. There were 25 men there.
1915 г. The owner of the enterprise in Gasovaya street/now Svet shakhyora/ bought the copper-foundry-iron and the mechanical plant «Russian metalworker».There were 50 men there. It produced: boring instruments, laths, derricks, mining trolleys, trucks, winches, cranes, steam boilers, pipes, pumps, tanks and iron and copper casting.
1915 г. The output of oil lamps «Volypha» was begun.
1919 г. For lack of fuel the work of almost all shops was stopped. The plant was fulfilled only military orders.
1921 г. The enterprise passed from the authority of Kharkov governor Soviet of national economy to subordination of Central board of stone-coal industry and was included in the union «Donugol».
1922 г. The plant was given a new name «Svet shakhtyora». The main production was mining lamps.
1938 г. The collective of the enterprise became a winner in the competitions with Torez Machine- Building plant and was awarded to challenge the Red Banner of Narkomtyazhmash.
1939 г. The plant was awarded to the highest government award the Order of Lenin.
1941 г. The evacuation of the plant to Kemerovskaya region.
1943-1946 гг. The restoration of war-ravaged of the enterprise.
1952 г. The organization of the special design office in the plant.
1955 г. The mining combine УКТ-1 for thin seamswas created and improved. It is used at the same time for notch, cutting of coal and loading it on the conveyor.
1960 г. The plant began the output of face flight and main lamellar conveyors, lighting equipment. The export of equipment with trademark « Svet shakhtyora» was begun in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Vietnam.
1976 г. The collective began the serial output of the new base flight conveyor СП87П.
1978 г. The model area was created in the lamp shop. 27 progressive technological processes, 2 mechanized lines of the automatic welding of pans were applied.
1980 г. The half of coal mining in USSR supplied by conveyors of the plant «Svet shakhtyora».
1982 г. The plant awarded to the silver and bronze medals of BDHX in Moscow. (Exhibition of National Economic Achievement)
1990 г. The new conveyors with increased power of the electric motor from 45-55 to 110 k/w and chain size 24 and 36 mm were created. The field of their application was widened. The output of flight loaders was begun.
1991 г. The celebration of Centenary of the plant.
1994-1996 гг. The privatization was realized. Public Joint Stock Company» Kharkov Machine- Building Plant «Svet shakhtyora» was created.
1998-1999 гг. The new highly productive conveyors for complex – mechanized faces were developed and produced. They operate in the mines of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
1999 г. The plant won the tender among Ukrainian and foreign enterprises for manufacture of the powerful conveyor СПЦ230.
2000 г. The passade was made from serial output of the same type conveyors and loaders to the manufacture of output in consequence to given mining – technical conductions and individual requirements of concrete customers. The length of flight conveyors increased from 100 - 150 to 350 – 400 m (rated) power from 110 – 200 to 800 kw.
2001 г. The plant applied fi rst a quality management system of products meeting the requirements of ДСТУ ISO 9001-2001.
2008 г. The plant confirmed the accordance of manufacture of products to the requirements of ДСТУ ISO 9001-2001. Certificate № UA2.003.03240-08.
1988-2008 г. The large participation in the international exhibitions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, the USA.
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