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Public Joint Stock Company "Kharkiv Machine Building Plant "SVET SHAKHTYORA"
    In connection with the development of the plough in Ukraine our specialists with Lugansk institute developed and produced the plough УСТ 2М for deliver coal in breakage faces of length to 200 m with the seam thickness 0.55-1 m. The application of the unit increases the safety of the face working and improves the quality of coal, cut production costs.
    The high productive plough for the thickness 0.85-1.4 m in collaboration with Russian institute «ShakhNII» was developed and with Gukov CJSC «Postovgormash» plant are produced. It is a modern powerful conveyor with the size of plough's chain 34x126 and the two speed drive units 2x85/250 kw.
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