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4/6, ul. Svet shakhtyora, Kharkov, 61001, UKRAINE
Tel. (057) 733-36-37, 733-09-69
Fax (057) 731-50-66, 733-19-53
Telex:125176 БЕЛКА
Public Joint Stock Company "Kharkiv Machine Building Plant "SVET SHAKHTYORA"
    The important product of the plant is the different types of cap lamps ensuring the safety of miners, work. At present the different versions of cap lamps are produced and the plant got certificates for 8 versions of cap lamps. The last version of the cap lamps type СВГ5 and others have small dimensions and mass /1,5 times as little/ as compared with previous models. The plant improves the cap lamps adding new functions/time calculation, connection means, control the charge/. The digital methane signaling devices СМС5 integrated with the cap lamp are developed first of all in Ukraine. The automatic charging station «ЗСУ-3» intended for simultaneously charging to 54 cap lamps of any types is produced.
Вы можете получить подробную информацию о светильниках, изготавливаемых АО "Свет шахтера", нажав на соответствующие ссылки:
Explosion-proof cap lamp СВГ 2/1 Miner cap lamp СВГ 8
Explosion-proof cap lamp СВГ 5 Methane indicator CMC 5A
Miner cap lamp СВГ 6 Methane indicator CMC 5
Automatic charging plant ЗСУ-3 Explosion-proof headlights ФВУ1К, ФВУ3, ФВУ3А
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