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4/6, ul. Svet shakhtyora, Kharkov, 61001, UKRAINE
Tel. (057) 733-36-37, 733-09-69
Fax (057) 731-50-66, 733-19-53
Telex:125176 БЕЛКА
Public Joint Stock Company "Kharkiv Machine Building Plant "SVET SHAKHTYORA"
Конвейер Conveyers
   PJSC « KhMBP «Svet shakhtyora» produces conveyors in consequence to given mining-technical conductions and individual requirements of customers. Due to new technical decisions the length of flight conveyors increased to 350 – 400 m, power to 800 k/W.
Перегружатель Loaders
   The loaders of «Svet shakhtyora» are produced in consequence to given mining-technical and individual technical requirements of customers. They are successfully used in mines allowing to master a new technology of coal mining, to increase the productivity of the face.
Струг Ploughs
   For the purpose to increase the safety of second workings the improvement of the quality of coal in thin seams the plant mastered the production of ploughs intended for deliver and transportation from the breakage faces of the length to 200 m at thick seams 0.55-1 m. The equipment for plough delivery is improved.

Mining crushers
    The mining crushers are intended for crushing transported coal. The crushers are used in combination with the conveyor or loader and are mounted in the panline as its component. The crushers of «Svet shakhtyora» can be used in mines of any gas and dust hazard category.
Редуктор Reducers
   «Svet shakhtyora» increased nomenclature of drive units with planetary reducers of different power including and for the drive units of parallel location. The manufacture of drive units with carried out feeding system (supply) of combine (ВСПК) which operate at the thin seams and allow to work in the face of length to 300 m.
Гидромуфты Hydraulic couplings
    The specialists of the enterprise designed the parametric range of explosion – proof hydraulic couplings of power 22kW, 30kW, 55kW, 75 kW, 110 kW, 160 kW, 200 kW, 250 kW, 315 kW, 400 kW, 500 kW which are delivered in different branches of industry.
Светильники Cap lamp
   The different types of cap lamps are important products ensuring the safety of the miners work. The enterprise produces storage battery cap lamps with halogen tubes and other modern means of mining lighting. The serial output of digital methane signaling devices are mastered. They are combined with storage battery mining cap lamps.
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