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    The powerful flight beam conveyors СПЦ230-82.50, СПЦ230-82.51 with one central chain are intended for carrying coal, oil shale, potassium ores along straight workings (drifts, etc.) from the face conveyor to the next transportation facility. The conveyors are equipped with boards, platforms for power train (if required). The drive units powered at more than 110 kW are equipped with the water cooling system.

  • The conveyors are manufactured in different modifications:
      - with side unloading (bending driving part), type СПЦ230-82.50;
      - with straight unloading (straight driving part), type СПЦ230-82.51;
      - with different versions of the driving units.
  • The bending conveyor СПЦ230-82.50 and straight conveyor СПЦ230-82.51 together with the face conveyor СПЦ230 form the conveyor line for delivering coal from the face to the telescopic or ordinary band conveyor or other carrier.
  • The bending conveyor СПЦ230-82.50 serves as the re-loader onto the straight conveyor СПЦ230-82.51.
  • The conveyor is equipped with the hydraulic mover of pushing type ensuring movement of the conveyor after the advance.
  • The straight conveyor moves along the drift with the help of the hydraulic mover of pushing type or another means.
Technical Data

Parameter values

Capacity, t/h

1080; 1260

Length as delivered, m


Installed power, kW

2(1)х110; 2(1)х132; 2(1)х140; 1(2)х160; 1(2)х55/160

Supply voltage of electric motors, V


Traction member:
Number of chains

One in central

Chain size, mm


- pan height on sides, mm

228; 255 (of special profile)

- pan length on sides, mm


- pan width on sides, mm

692; 800

Maximum pitch of mover, mm


Total force of mover jacks at pressure in hydrosystem 25 MPa


Conveyor resource, million tons

1,5 – 2

Complete composition of the conveyer and design of individual assembly units can be specified when placing the order.

Certificate No UA2.003.969 In compliance with State Standard of Ukraine ISO 9001-2001
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