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    The powerful face beam conveyor СПЦ230-81 is intended carry coal, oil shale, potassium ore along the straight mine workings (galleries, etc.) from the face conveyor to the telescopic band conveyor or another further transportation means.

  • The conveyor is equipped with boards to prevent spillage, platforms for power train, drum of the band conveyor built in the supporting section of the drive (for band width 1000 mm).
  • The conveyor is equipped with hydraulic device of pulling type for moving the conveyer along the gallery together with the breakage face. The conveyor may be equipped with a hydraulic device of pushing type for moving.
  • The board walls have brackets for electric and hydraulic lines. The drive units are equipped with the water cooling system.
  • The traction member, drive shaft, sprockets,reducers are unified with the face conveyer СПЦ230.
Technical Data


Parameter Values

Type of the overloading conveyer

with frontal discharge

Efficiency, t/h


Chain speed, m/s

1,0; 1,24

Length, as delivered, m


Total power, kW

2(1)x110; 2(1)x132; 2(1)x140; 2(1)x160; 2(1)x200; 2(1)x55/160; 2(1)x65/200

Supply voltage, V

1140; 660

Layout of drive units


Hauling member:

scraper chain

 - quantity of chain strands

two, central-twin

 - chain gauge, mm


Pan flight:
 - pan height across side members, mm

230; 255 (from special steel section); 265 (cast)

 - pan length across side members, mm


 - pan width across side members, in light, mm

692; 800

Max. step of conveyer shifting, mm


Total force of shifting jacks with pressure in the hydraulic system being 25MPa, kN


Conveyer service life, mln tons

3 - 5

The set of the conveyor and design of separate assembly units can be clarified during ordering.

Certificate No.UA2.003.969 as per ДСТУ ISO 9001
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