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    The sliding beam conveyor СПЦ230-81.16 is intended for operation in the transportation line in the sections with high-capacity and clean-up systems in the coal and slate mines hazardous with gas and dust of any category, for reloading and transportation along excavations from the face conveyor to the telescopic band conveyor with the band width of 1000 mm. It is based on the conveyor СПЦ230 with central-twin chains of 30x108 mm size.

  • The flight chain of the band conveyor is tightened with the help of hydraulic cylinders mounted on the telescopic end head (tightening up to 300 mm).
  • The beam conveyor consists of the horizontal end portion located directly on the gallery terrain, inclined portion with the ascent angle 100 and sliding portion including the drive.
  • The conveyer may be employed in collieries of all gas and dust hazard class.
  • Beam conveyor proper with the drive, telescopic end head, pan line based on the profile H = 255 mm, special running gear with the flight conveyor drive mounted thereon, hydraulic device for moving the flight conveyor, platform for the electrical equipment.
  • Band conveyor sections for the sliding portion of the beam conveyor with built-in drum and bent removable runners of the working branch of the telescopic band conveyor.
  • In its linear portion the beam conveyor is provided with strong edges to prevent spillage of coal and rock, in the sliding and inclined portions of the conveyor the design of the pan line ensures rigid fixing excluding sagging of the pans.
  • The set of sections with the drum constitute the end portion of the band conveyor. The upper flight of the band goes in the runners of the band conveyor sections.
  • The beam conveyor and band conveyor sections move with the help of four hydraulic cylinders mounted on the beam conveyor running gear through the band conveyor section slats.
Technical Data

Parameter values

Type of beam conveyor


Length in delivery, m


Installed power of drive, kW

2(1)х110; 2(1)х132; 2(1)х140; 2(1)х160; 2(1)х200; 2(1)х55/160; 2(1)х65/200

Position of drive pulleys


Length of sliding portion movement, m


Chain type

Two, central-twin

Chain size

30x108 mm

Flight chain speed, m/s

1; 0,43/1,24

- pan height on sides, mm


- pan width in sides in light, mm

692; 800

Complete composition of the conveyer and design of individual assembly units can be specified when placing the order.

Certificate No UA2.003.969 In compliance with State Standard of Ukraine ISO 9001-2001
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