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    The colliery intermediate overloading scraper conveyer CП251.15 is designed for transportation of coal, oil shale and potassium ore along straight linear headings (gates etc.) from the face conveyer onto a telescopic belt conveyer or a subsequent transportation means in collieries of any gas and dust hazard class.

  • The conveyer is completed with side boards to prevent spilling of the material, with platforms for a set of power equipment, brackets for support of electrical and hydraulic communications, a support section with a built-in drum of a belt conveyer (for a belt up to 1000 mm wide), a hydraulic shifting device of dragging type.
  • The pan flight of the conveyer is made with a lower bottom to prevent from spilling the material, and with inspection pans having quickly removable inspection hole covers. The conveyer hauling member is based on a special-purpose chain gauge 24x86 mm with vertical links of lower height. Use of 24x86 mm chain gauge instead of 18x64mm chain (in conveyers of CП250 and ПТК800 conveyers) allowed to increase the strength of the hauling member 1,75 times higher and to locate it in the same dimensions of the pan flight as those of conveyers CП250 and ПТК800.
  • The conveyer has a built-in small-size crusher ДШМ1 to break large-size coal lumps.
  • The conveyer may be equipped with control instruments of the scraper conveyer AKCK, which allows to check the damage of the hauling member, the load on each motor, change of the chain speed, state of electric circuits etc. Also the control instruments AKCK perform color indication of failure with saving information in the memory.
Technical Data


Parameter values

Efficiency t/h


Hauling member speed, m/s:
 - operation - at single speed motor


 - at two-speed motor

0,37/1,12; 0,41/1,24

Length, as delivered, m

55; 80

Total power, kW

2x55; 2x75; 1(2)x110; 1(2)x132; 1x160; 1x55/160; 1x200; 1x65/200

Supply voltage, V

660/380; 660; 1140

Hauling member:

scraper chain

 - quantity and layout of chain strands

two in the pan side-member guides

 - chain gauge, mm

24x86H (special purpose)

 - the distance between chain axes, mm


Pan flight:
 - pan height across side members, mm

190; 205

 - pan length across side members, mm


 - pan width across side members, mm


Max. step of shifting the conveyer, mm


Total force of shifting jacks, with pressure in the hydraulic system being 25 MPa, kN


Complete composition of the conveyer and design of individual assembly units can be specified when placing the order.

Certificate No UA2.003.969 In compliance with State Standard of Ukraine ISO 9001-2001
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